Designing systems for a changing world, Researching future technologies, Building powerful and effective systems

“ Our motivation is simple, as company of creative designers and technologists we are passionate and single minded about delivering elegant solutions through great design ”

What we do >

Technology research & design

We specialise in research, design and delivery of innovative technology products and services for businesses and consumers.

As technology has changed our skills have developed and evolved, giving us a deep understanding of the tools and techniques we use.

This knowledge is put to good use in the systems we build and the processes we use to ensure they are reliable and deliver the desired benefits.

Why we do it >

What makes us tick ?

We believe that great innovative design can lead to transformational change to be shared by everyone.

On top of this, we believe the application of appropriate technology can make your life easier, while harnessing your full potential to: create, contribute and engage with the world around you.

How we work >

Since its formation in 1986, Froothaus has been at the forefront of technology; using it to meet specific business and consumer needs. The technology has changed over the years, yet the founding principles have remained the same:

  • technology is an enabler
  • it can, and should, simplify
  • mastery is needed to exploit its full potential

Over the years we have been adapting, evolving and learning but we have never lost sight of these principles.

Who we work for >

To ensure we produce our best work - we focus on our own brand of products and services. This keeps us very busy, so our design capability is not available for hire.

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some of our services


A mobile shopping app for retailers

Making it easy for retailers to create, deploy and manage their own app...

Simplifying access to a mobile retail store, making ordering easy and quickly allowing customers to shop on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere

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Returnably large tag

You and your belongings quickly reunited

returnably allows you to safely identify your belongings, without revealing your personal details, so you can be contacted when they've been found.

For the traveller, commuter and everyone else; for business large and small. For anyone who would like to ensure their property has been tagged or labelled to make it more likely that it can be returned quickly and easily.

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Froothaus is a technology services company, based in the United Kingdom, delivering powerful technology for a changing world

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